18/12/11 Vics Christmas Party

All the children turned up today with their Christmas outfits on and they all looked festive,and looking forward to their party.
My first sight made me giggle as I got out the car to enter the building, when here comes little Charlie in his pram with antlers on his head so cute he looked.

On entering the the building all the children was greated with Jon our balloon modelling man
Who was put through his paces with requests of rudolph haha

We then went onto making party hats,

With prizes for the best hats

After the hat making the children then went onto enjoy pass the parcel,
When all the the party games was over it was time for a

Presentation from Allan Cocken
A Rotary member who gave a lovely speech and presented Jane Dawson myself with a cheque for the sum of £300

Thank you very much Allan for suggesting our group for these funds.

We was then greated by our mayor of hynburn Who welcomed all our children to their party and told them all to have a
lovely time

we drawn a name from a hat to present the flowers
Our flower girl was Gorgia one of our new Vics members.

It was then time for our mayor to judge the best party hat
There was a first and second price won by Ellie McMullan
And Charlie Mcvicker.

After that it was almost time for Santa and his real rain

deer which the children did not know about.

We started with choosing out bells and shakers
And sang as load as we could to jingle belles while
Santa and Rudolph walked down Bank street
Accrington with Heath kershaw from wellybobs farm Darwen
Walking Rudolph.
As we entered the building their was silence as the children was told their was a real Rudolph
With Santa this year, I along with lots more parents and

family and friends had to hold back the tears.

Santa took his seat with Rudolph beside him
Whilst all the children sat so well behaved
Waiting for their name to be called, and their chance to stroke a real rain deer with their picture taken.

Everyone opened their presents, whilst cameras snapped.

We then sang goodbye to Santa and Rudolph with Rudolph the red nose rain deer song.

It was then time for the party food to arrive and how nice it was
From Scoobie snacks in oswaldtwitle, all the children and parents tucked in with the pulling of crackers also

We then heard of a birthday boy little Charlie
Who was two years old today, a lovely cake was organised
With train candles whilst all the children sang happy birthday to him.

To compleat our morning our mayor of Hyndburn
Carried out our raffle for us which £80 was raised.

Adam one of our parents went out with a bag like Santa came in with winning a total of 9 presents
All I can say Adam is u could of made the even Ten.

Their was so much food over we rang maundy relief
Charity and gave all the food that was left to them.
Which i thought Was nice to do.

It was time to say bye to all and wish everyone a happy


I’d like to thank our mayor of hynburn for carrying out some lovely speeches today raffles and compitions.

Also to Alan Cocken rotary for attending and presenting our group with some funds.

To robs mum who carried out a raffle last week at Kirk House Church and raised £90 thank you.

To John our balloon man what a task he had.

To scoobies snacks for once again delivering a lovely buffet.

To Heath Kershaw wellybobs Farm Darwen
For bringing Rudolph along all the kids and adults loved him

To our Santa who never let’s us down.

To mum and dad for setting to room up each fortnight for the playgroup.

To Joanne my playgroup assistant could not do this now
without you, thanks for helping set up night before also with your daughter lauran thank you.

To Hannah for selling our raffle tickets today.

To Dianne from Asda Accrington and Asda for providing sweets and books for the children, and for taking some photos.

And not to forget all the children as it would not of been a party without all of you, and thank you to all the parents
And family members who helped to make our Childrens day
A special day to remember.

Merry christmas everyone

Love Jane xxx

About jane

I am a mum of a lovely blind little girl
Who gave me the inspiration to set up
Our playgroup vics that i love being chair
Person and playgroup leader to.
I have met some very special familys, carers and children
Through our playgroup vics, who i class as true
Friends that can relate to my situation
And i have only my beautiful daughter to thank
For making all this happen who I love with all my
Heart.Thank You Ellie Mae Mcmullan

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