20/08/2011 The Bee Experience

Today the VICS group enjoyed making craft bees, followed by snack time which included tasting pure honey on toast.

After they enjoyed a talk about bee keeping and smelling beeĀ scents, and feeling a real male bee ( no sting) touching the honey combs and having their photos taken to end the day.

About jane

I am a mum of a lovely blind little girl
Who gave me the inspiration to set up
Our playgroup vics that i love being chair
Person and playgroup leader to.
I have met some very special familys, carers and children
Through our playgroup vics, who i class as true
Friends that can relate to my situation
And i have only my beautiful daughter to thank
For making all this happen who I love with all my
Heart.Thank You Ellie Mae Mcmullan

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