14/09/13 Good Bye Laura

All the children today got together to make our Helper Laura Bannon  a fairwell card, and gave her a sweet display ( that all the kids ate) along with a  money gift card from all the Parents as a thank you. Laura is leaving us after spending 4 years with vics 🙁 to start to study English at Newcastle university.

we will miss you very much Laura and we all thank you so so much for all your hard work you did, the children loved you so much as to did all us parents and granparents.

We would all like to wish you all the very best at uni GO GET EM LAURA xxx

I woild like to Welcome Will and Hannah two new volunteers to our vics group, We hope you will enjoy your work with us.


About jane

I am a mum of a lovely blind little girl
Who gave me the inspiration to set up
Our playgroup vics that i love being chair
Person and playgroup leader to.
I have met some very special familys, carers and children
Through our playgroup vics, who i class as true
Friends that can relate to my situation
And i have only my beautiful daughter to thank
For making all this happen who I love with all my
Heart.Thank You Ellie Mae Mcmullan

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