23/06/12 Accringtons Olympic Torch event / & make a craft Olympic Torch

Today the children met at our playgroup at 10am

Excited gathering their flags to walk to the end of Bank

Street Accrington to wait for the Olympic Torch passing, all the children waved their flags at 10.40am as the Olympic Torch went passed them.

We returned to discuss the history of the Olympic Torch, and make their own Craft Olympic Torch.

We was then visited by the Accrington Observer For photos

For this Fridays news paper.

All the children said they had really enjoyed

The once in a life time event.


About jane

I am a mum of a lovely blind little girl
Who gave me the inspiration to set up
Our playgroup vics that i love being chair
Person and playgroup leader to.
I have met some very special familys, carers and children
Through our playgroup vics, who i class as true
Friends that can relate to my situation
And i have only my beautiful daughter to thank
For making all this happen who I love with all my
Heart.Thank You Ellie Mae Mcmullan

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