03/03/12 Liverpool World Museum Outing

All the VICS children and parents had a wonderful day out at the liverpool’s world museum on Saturday.We began our day meeting at Accrington Blind Society at 9.15am to board our coach.

once on the coach the children tucked into their lucky bags and had entertainment from John our balloon modeling man who made all sorts of animals, all we could here was the children laughing and singing to the Cd’s and having a ball.

we arrived at Liverpool at 11am and was greeted by Chris who gave the children an hour tactile session on lots of old pieces from the past which included dinosaur poo,which made the children giggle

after the tactile session it was lunch, before going into the dinosaur exhibition, all the children expressed how much they had enjoyed it even though it was a little scary at times, they was able to hear the dinosaurs eating and smell the past, and feel the floor rumble when the T Rex roared out.

after that they went onto do a craft session making dinosaur masks, colouring dinosaur pictures,  and getting toy dinosaurs out of fossels

it was then a snack in the cafe and gift shop before boarding our coach home at 5pm we made a stop at the kfc tea half way home.

It was a fantastic day had by all, and this day would not of been possible without funding from  the SEND grant from LCC so a massive thank you goes to them.

not to forget John our balloon man who was just fab, and Chris and Hellen at the  World Liverpool Museum.

Thank You     Jane

About jane

I am a mum of a lovely blind little girl
Who gave me the inspiration to set up
Our playgroup vics that i love being chair
Person and playgroup leader to.
I have met some very special familys, carers and children
Through our playgroup vics, who i class as true
Friends that can relate to my situation
And i have only my beautiful daughter to thank
For making all this happen who I love with all my
Heart.Thank You Ellie Mae Mcmullan

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